is a European cooperation project between regional authorities, chemical industry associations and scientific institutions from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy with the objective to strengthen competitiveness of the chemical industry by improving framework conditions for supply chain management in Central and Eastern Europe.

wants to overcome barriers for transnational transport in the West-East and East-West dimension by initiating a broad process of exchange of experience and facilitating the development of transnational infrastructure projects with high relevance for the chemical industry.

… respectively the project partners aim to establish fruitful cooperation with relevant administrative entities from regional, national and European level, chambers, associations, enterprises and logistic providers to identify priorities and find common solutions for the improvement of logistic infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe.

invites interested stakeholders to contribute to these objectives.


  • Strengthening Railway and Waterway transport for chemical goods in comparison to road to improve safety and environmental protection, reduction of costs and increased speed and flexibility for chemical logistics.
  • Support of development of logistic centres for intermodal transport and their integration in infrastructure planning.
  • Support of stronger connection of pipelines for the development of an effective Central and Eastern European Feedstock Network.
  • Initiate transnational know-how and technology transfer for the development of efficient transport systems with focus on West-East dimension.
  • Support of implementation of trans-European Transport Corridors, Contribution for harmonisation of regulations, coordinated planning of infrastructure and coordinated use of Structural Funds.