Final Brochure published

The final brochure summarises main activities and result of the ChemLog TT project.

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ChemLog TT
Final Conference on 26-27 November in La Spezia

The ChemLog TT project will organise the Final Dissemination Conference and Regulatory Policy Advisory Group Meeting on 26th and 27th of November 2014 in La Spezia to present results of the implementation of pilot projects for the practical testing of tracking and tracing devices at intermodal transports and discuss it with representatives from politics and industry. The conference should pave the way for further intensification of exchange of experience and improvement of framework conditions for chemical logistics in Central and Eastern Europe. We are looking forward to a fruitful discussion.

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Watch new ChemLog T&T Video

During the Final Event the ChemLog Partners have produced a short video to present the project with focus on final results.

ChemLog Partners have produce a short video to present the project with focus on the implementation of pilot projects.

is a European cooperation project between regional authorities, chemical industry associations and scientific institutions from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Italy with the objective to strengthen competitiveness of the chemical industry by improving framework conditions for supply chain management in Central and Eastern Europe.

wants to overcome barriers for transnational intermodal transport in the West-East and East-West dimension by initiating a broad process of exchange of experience and facilitating the development of tracking and tracing solutions for dangerous goods.

…respectively the project partners aim to establish fruitful cooperation with relevant administrative entities from regional, national and European level, chambers, associations, enterprises and logistic service providers to identify needs and find common solutions for the improvement of intermodal transport of dangerous goods in Central and Eastern Europe.

invites interested stakeholders to contribute to these objectives.


  • Promoting the development and implementation of Tracking and Tracing Systems for the transnational intermodal transport of dangerous goods
  • Facilitate modal shift from road to rail and reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Improvement of safety, security, reliability and efficiency of intermodal transport of dangerous goods
  • Improvement of framework conditions in view of organizational, institutional and strategic solutions for tracking and tracing technologies under involvement of companies, logistic service providers and public authorities
  • Develop recommendations for open and joint standards for tracking and tracing as result of practical testing and facilitate the networking and implementation of T&T technologies in CEE